RCA Signal Cables

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Cable Specifications
All Tone Rush Signal Cable’s

  • Are hand made in the USA
  • Have a no hassle, Lifetime Warranty.
  • Compliant with UL VW-1 Vertical Wire Flame Test.
  • Are RoHS Compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
  • Are MIL SPEC = Meets US Military manufacturing requirements.
  • Are NOT CCA (copper clad aluminum)
  • Are OFC (Oxygen Free Cable) pure, high strand count Copper
  • Exemplify high quality & maximum performance at affordable prices.

Tone Rush SIGNAL cables are made with four layers of external insulators

  • 1. Strong, flexible, Nylon braid covering, in many colors & patterns.
  • 2. External component pairings are reinforced with 3M heat shrink tubing.
  • 3. Internal connections are reinforced with 3M heat shrink tubing.
  • 4. PTFE coated PVC outer jacket that Resists:
  • ∞ Tangling ∞ Ripping ∞ Tearing ∞ Wear ∞ Heat ∞ Cold
  • ∞ Condensation ∞ Water ∞ Abrasion ∞ Cuts ∞ U.V. light ∞ Abuse
All of our SIGNAL cables internally consist of:
  • State of the art material & construction design for:
  • Maximum flexibility, durability, conductivity and hum elimination.
  • 20 Gauge, flexible, soft, bare high strand count, O.F.C. copper.
  • Silver soldered joints that are heat shrink protected & insulated.
  • All 20 AWG center conductor sheathed in polyethylene insulation
  • Conductive PVC sub-insulation Covered in spiral shield & 0.236″ PVC jacket
  • Made to preserve tone, reject interference and micro-phonics.
  • Our signal cable features extended frequency response,
  • Low noise, low capacitance & low inductance for:
  • A natural, quiet performance with clean, clear sound.
  • All of our RCA connectors feature heavy duty nickel over brass shells.
  • Every connector / plug has machined contacts with plated plugs.
  • As a courtesy, all cables over 1 foot long come with a cable wrap.

∞ Our no hassle lifetime warranty is transferred from owner to owner ∞

Our warranty:
  • Our cables are warrantied for life against:
  • Material defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Common use
  • Wear & tear
  • Reasonable abuse / touring / road use
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Custom Request

Special Instructions / Directions ~ Customization of each cable is no problem. There is an $1 per cable UP-charge for multi cable order customization. For none, leave blank.


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