Pedal board cable sock Cable Loom


Sold by the foot, The Minimum order is 6 feet.


This polyester expandable sleeving is flame-retardant and halogen-free. It offers durable abrasion resistance in a wide range of pro audio applications. Its open weave construction allows an easy installation of a bundle of cables, even if some have bulky or large connectors. Totally expanded, the sleeving can reach at least 1.5 times than the initial dimension.

  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Black
  • Nominal Size: Min 2″ – Max 5″
  • Cutting Tool: Hot Knife
  • Safety Certifications: UL, CSA, ROHS, PFOS, REACH,

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Our 2″ in diameter Cable sock allows for 6-8 cables to be easily inserted for making cable looms. Protects the cables from trampling and wear during live shows. Sold in 6 foot lengths. Choose the length you want and we will cut you the sock and treat the ends to prevent it from unraveling. Relaying the signal cables from the pedal board to the amp is easiest by running the needed cables in a single cable sock.

We have a different loom for the pedal board power. There is many benefits from this. A ground loop can form between two power outlets so we recommend running your power cables in a separate loom. Running the power and signal cables together in the same loom can have undesired affects like humming and buzzing.


  • Measure the cables to be the right length.
  • Cable Tie the ends of the cables together in one end with the provided Velcro cable wrap.
  • Insert the cable bunch inside the Loom.
  • Attach all audio connectors.
  • Cinch shut each end of the cable loom with the provided Velcro cable ties.

Rule of thumb:

  • For a 20 foot cable snake you’ll need 18 feet of cable loom and 20 of ac power cable loom.
  • Fray prevention is done to both ends
  • The ends of the signal cable loom are equipped with black Velcro ties.

For the power chords loom, Please click HERE.

Additional information

Cable Loom

Please order a minimum of 6 Feet.

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