Ox-Blood w/Wheat stripe Grill Cloth


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All cloth products are sold by the square yard = 36″x36″ or 3 feet x 3 feet. You will receive your order in one roll, if you order 3 yards, you will receive material 36″x 108″ (3 feet wide x 9 feet long). All quantities will ship in one piece. Please note that these materials are cut to order and can not be returned. Image is on a black background to better reflect the look and color when affixed to an amp or speaker cabinet.

How much grill cloth will I need?

Measure the area you want to cover with your grill material and add 4 inches to each side. For example, our BuzzBomb grill is 26″x16″, so when we shear the cloth for assembly we cut a piece that is 30″x20″. This is crucial for getting the cloth on with room to pull it taught and make sure your lines are straight.

What is the best way to attach the grill cloth to my baffle or frame?

At EarCandy, we fire 6mm staples from a Bostich stapler into our grill frames.

Is there any tips or secrets to getting the cloth on right?

There are a few things,

  1. Actual shades may vary depending on the color of the panel behind the cloth.
  2. Have plenty of light so you can line up your cloth pattern lines with your grill frame edges.
  3. Make sure your grill frame is square by checking your diagonals***
  4. Start on the short end of your frame and staple that end down.
  5. Go to the opposite end, and massage the cloth over the edges so it starts to take on the correct shape before you staple that side.
  6. Once you have the cloth trained to curl around the edge, pull it taught.
  7. Make sure the horizontal lines in the cloth pattern are perfectly parallel with the horizontal edges of your grill frame.
  8. Staple the opposite end down.
  9. Repeat the same process for the horizontal attachment.

*** Measuring diagonals is simply measuring from corner to corner, diagonally (upper left to lower right – upper right to lower left). Those 2 distances must be identical or your frame is out of square and could cause problems when trying to make your cloth lines all square and parallel.

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