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The EarCandy Green Machine is one of the finest guitar speakers available. Hand assembled and doped right here, we can custom build your speaker to help you attain the tone you hear in your head.

Impedance 8 or 16 ohm
Rated Power 125 watts
Magnet Ceramic
Overall Weight 10.55 lbs
Response 65-6k
Voice Coil Diameter 2″
Magnet Weight 55 oz
Bass Large & Tight
Middle Punchy and Buttery
High Full & Smooth
Description Versatile & Aggressive
Warranty      7 Year Warranty

About the EarCandy Green Machine:

This speaker is named the Green Machine because when we developed this speaker over 7 years ago, the frames we chose to place the motor structure and cone in was painted green. The speaker has the ability to be extremely versatile and possesses the ability to deliver very clean American tone as well as very creamy British tone, all in one speaker.  It is very fluid in its response and reaction to adjustments from your amp and pedals. It has an excellent ability to voice your amp modeling presets and delivers your modeling presets with exacting tone and detail.

This speaker is fantastic for all kinds of guitar tone and has the ability to deliver chords, notes and tone from 7 and 8 string guitars (not a bass guitar speaker).

The name has nothing to do with a Green Back and is not a copy of a Green Back in any way.

The speaker doping options refers to the shiny black rubbery coating on the outer edge of the speaker. Light dope is a single hand applied coating to this area of the speaker. This coating helps maintain control and sustain of notes through the speaker.

A lightly doped GM is slightly louder than a medium or heavy doped speaker. A medium doped speaker adds a small amount of sustain and body and a heavily doped speaker adds a little more control to the speakers DB level and also adds sustain to the signal being voiced by the speaker. The one we sell the most of is the M version (Medium Dope).

All 3 versions are hand made and applied and sound fantastic.

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