Bailey 2×8 Bass


The EarCandy Bailey 2×8 B

  • Made with all American made materials.
  • All Steel hardware.
  • Steel input jack plate with 1/4″ speakon combo jack input.
  • Point to Point hand wired with silver solder.
  • Wired with 14-G Acoustic Research speaker wire.
  • All ¾” AAA White Birch Wood Cabinet
  • 3/4″ Maple front and back
  • No MDF or particle board anywhere
  • Steel reinforced Rubber feet
  • Pat pending Twin ported baffle
  • 26 pounds loaded with speakers
  • 20” wide x 12” tall x 12” deep
  • Loaded with Eminence Beta 8A speakers. (500 watts RMS)

The Bailey 2×8 is a large sounding cab with a wide sound dispersion. It is perfect for those 5 to 50 watt tube amps because the cab is fast reacting with a lot of clarity. It lets your amps tone shine through and does not color your tone. The bailey has plenty of Bass, Mid's and Highs and is very perceptive to changes in your amps tone stack or Eq. Don’t let the size fool you.

We have people using our Bailey 2×8′s in all levels and all genres of music, everyone from kids practicing in their basement to professional players doing arena tours. EarCandy’s Twin ported baffle allows the speaker to breath with the air coming in and out of the cab. Because of the way the porting works, the speakers are floating, they don’t have to fight gravity or air pressure. They get exactly what they need which allows for more warmth. sustain, tone, clarity, volume and sound dispersion.

Our cabs are not beamy. Because of our porting design, the entire area in front of the cab is the sweet spot. The cabs are warm but do cut through, you can use it with a drummer and bass player and be heard with no issues. You will notice a 180 degree sound dispersion so when you walk around the room the cab will sound the same, you do not have to be directly in front of it to audibly benefit from the tone of the cab. This cab sounds excellent for anything from Jazz to 5 string and stand up jazz bass.

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20" Wide, 12" Tall, 12" Deep, 19 Lbs Loaded – (With Speakers)


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