American Vintage Classic 1×12 used by Steve Von till of Neurosis


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American Vintage Classic 1×12 used by Steve Von till of Neurosis

This cab is a little wider and a little deeper giving your amp a good solid foundation with a low center of gravity. This cab was made with AAA tone woods and has all steel hardware and 3/4″ tall rubber feet, tall enough to run a Microphone cable under the cab. This cab is not ported, has a open back and sounds very robust. Made with the same top quality tone woods and adorned with the same top quality American made hardware that our premier high end ported cabs are made of.

This cab was used by Steve Von Till of Neurosis to record the clean channel / guitar tones on Fires within Fires. The speaker has been changed to a

12″ hempopotamus hemp Fiber Cone AlNiCo magnet 8 ohms 40 watts PMR Speaker HEMPO Speaker The Hemp is in a Rola Frame, was stripped, cleaned, and then rebuilt from the inside out with all NEW AMERICAN components…..

And, when I say completely, I mean if it wasn’t metal, it came out and was replaced…  Literally, from the voice coil, out to the front mounting gaskets, these are basically new units again, only BETTER!!!!

….   New everything-  new voice coils, new spider assemblies, new light weight .040″ diameter litz wires, new treated cloth/acoustically transparent textile dust caps/etc/etc/etc –  EVERYTHING!

..  I guess the main feature of these, are they feature the Hempopotamus LOUDspeakers patented and trade marked “Authentic Appearance” G3 hemp fiber cones, which are easily the most superior, widest response hemp formulation of ANYTHING available….

Being a hybrid of the original HEMP-O hemp formulation, as well as the “KW-KONZ”  super- pulp , these have the best of both worlds in one package….

..  Fat, thick, meaty, almost 3D presentation of the O.E.M. HEMPOPOTAMUS, but also the speed, accuracy, presence, detail, and wider extension of response makes these well beyond in capability of anything else available..

  • This cab is done and ready to ship today.
  • All materials made in the U.S.A
  • All ¾” white Birch Wood Cabinet
  • No MDF or particle board anywhere
  • Transparent Mahogany front and back
  • All steel hardware
  • Steel reinforced strap handle
  • Steel input jack plate with Neutrik input
  • Point to Point hand wired with silver solder
  • Wired with 14-G Acoustic Research speaker wire
  • Steel reinforced Rubber feet
  • 20 pounds loaded
  • Top Half open back
  • 16.5” wide x 16” tall x 12” deep
  • Hand made in Indiana U.S.A
  • Lifetime warranty on the cab
  • 1 year warranty on the speaker

This is a high end affordable cab that is non ported, open back, light with professional tone delivery.

How EarCandy Cabs are made – EarCandy’s Tone Jointing©

Tonejointing ©
We have spent a very long time and a lot of money to engineer a different jointing process never seen before in the instrument speaker enclosure industry. Finger and Dado jointing allow for cabinet flex or what is known as box talk. Box talk happens when sound pressure levels inside the cabinet apply enough pressure to push or put stress on the cab jointing.

This allows the cabinet to flex in unison with the speaker polarity, thus creating muddy undefined and slow attacking bass and a over all sloppy tone. Open back cabs create a bigger problem in the fact that they allow sound to un-evenly escape the cab from the back in a resisted pattern, opposite of where you need it.

Even at low volume levels, this flex and resistance can increase the amount of work your speaker has to do to project sound. Ear Candy cabs are built in a way that uses the compression and spl from the speakers in a positive way that actually forces the cab jointing together and not apart, so the louder you want to play, the tighter and more defined the cab will sound, offering no resistance or flex allowing for the most pure UN interrupted tone from a cab you have ever heard.

Our cabs are heavily braced on all 4 sides attached at points no further than 5 inches from each other all the way around the cab (imagine a drum rim with drum lugs) The attachment points are then tightened until all of them reach the exact same tensile strength, meaning you can strike the cab on any side or any corner and it will ring true, in the same tone all other sides ring in, very much like tuning a drum.

What this means is, there is no loose or unattended to portions of the cab that will resonate more or less than another part (thus no dead spots in the cab, thus no box talk). The EarCandy Floating Baffle ToneWood Tone Jointing® Process Creates 100% pure, true and completely even delivery of any tone. Combine our jointing technology with our select woods and your options of tone are unlimited. EarCandy’s Tone Jointing® process also makes the cab basically one piece and nearly indestructible.

This is all done from inside the cab allowing the sound to travel away from the hardware and not into the hardware, allowing free and clear travel of sound. After taking years to develop such a voice for your instrument, we didn’t stop at that! We use the best materials we can find insuring you this will be the last cab you will ever need. This is intellectual property of EarCandy and is registered with a pat pending. All right reserved EarCandy.Com 2001-2021.

EarCandy’s Tone woods:All of our woods are AAA with no voids. We have our lumber custom milled to our specifications. Our ToneWood floating Baffles are engineered by us and milled with a glue used by wooden Instrument makers. We do not use industrial laminated ply wood. You would not want your guitar made out of MDF, why would you want your cabs made out of MDF. 😉