Hours of Operation,

Monday – Thursday, 8am – 5pm central time,

Fridays are 9am – 4pm central time.

Contact us directly HERE

We are located in Valparaiso Indiana


Q. Do you sell covers for your cabs?

A. No, we use larry Lecover at Lecover.com and have for over a decade. Contact Larry through his website if you don’t already see your cab listed on his website, he will contact us if he needs dimensions. We do not provide cover dimensions for cab cover cut outs to customers for the simple fact that we have in the passed and it has been problematic and extremely time consuming. We are more than happy to work directly with Mr. Lecover to get him the dimensions he needs as he is a professional cover maker and we are not. We have this rule in place to be assured your cover is made correctly, directly from the cover maker himself.

Q. May I order a cab with my own custom dimensions

A. No, the dimensions of our cabs have been in our catalog and and are being used by professional,     touring musicians all over the world. The dimensions were developed and tested over a decade ago and we do not vary from these dimensions.

Q. Can you tell me where to obtain the same materials Earcandy uses to build the cabs?

A. Other than the parts we sell in our cart system, No, due to our membership in the trade secret program, privacy policy and process we use to build our cabs, we do not disclose our vendors names or sources of our materials.

Q. Will you please explain in detail how your porting system works?

A. The ports are there to allow the cab and speakers to breath, letting the speakers move back and forth in their full X-Max / mechanical design.

Q. What is your average wait time right now?

A. Contact us to inquire.

Q. Is it true you give active duty and retired military men and women a discount?

A. Yes, American military, Police, Fire, Teachers, Schools and some colleges.

Q. Do you give multiple cab order discounts?

A. Yes, we work with you as much as we can.

Q. What do I have to do to become an EarCandy.Com endorsed artist?

A. Please use the contact us form and send us your Bio.

Q. How do we get our band on earcandyradio?

A. E-mail your art work and 3-5 Mp3 songs you want played to music@earcandy.com then contact us through the contact us form.

Q. I am trying to install some speakers into my cab, can I have access to some wiring diagrams?

A. Cab Ohm Load: On this option, you want to pick the over all ohm load of the cab, not the speaker. If you are unsure of the ohm load, don’t worry, we can contact you to clarify this, if you aren’t sure, just let us know and we will take care of it for you.