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About EarCandy

Established in 2002, EarCandy is a family company that has revolutionized Guitar & Bass pro audio and wiring.

EarCandy evolved guitar and bass speaker cabinets from unnecessarily oversized, overpriced, and overweight, typical designs, to light, affordable and road worthy world class tone machines.All of our materials are obtained from American manufacturers.
All of our gear is designed and carefully handcrafted in our facility in Valparaiso Indiana. Our gear is scientifically hand made with the highest quality components money can buy.

Our handmade tone wood constructed cabinets house all American made speakers from Eminence, Amperian and Warehouse Guitar speakers. With several option choices to personalize your tone, personality, and presentation, we provide the tone that lives in your minds ear.From our treble bleed circuits, speaker cables and wiring harnesses, up to our guitar and bass speaker cabinets, every piece of EarCandy gear is created with road worthy experienced artistic application & functional perfection. Protection Status