Friends of Ear Candy

Amperian Speakers ~ Our new OIE speakers for the BuzzBomb 2×12

WGSUSA.Com ~ Warehouse Guitar Speakers

Wegener Steel ~ Providing our raw full steel grill material

Flatt Guitar – Customized laser engraved pick guards

Mad Hatter – Professional guitar wiring harness’s

SaturnWorks Pedals (Very unique loopers and FX controllers, Made in the USA)

Will Sledge FX (Awesome looper’s and pedal board controllers)


3 Chords Audio

American Diabetes Association

Amerigas – Keeping us warm and cozy!

Still Kickin Music

Holey Board – Custom Pedal Boards

The Noiz Faktory

One Fast Cat

Antonio Guitars

American Exotic Guitars

Amp Clamps

Egnater Amps

Frenzel Amps

Fender Amps

Soldano Amps

Mesa Boogie Amps

Celestion Speakers

Eminence Speakers

Tone Tubby Speakers

Custom Engraving Services

Best In Road Cases

DIY Road Cases ( They make them for our cabs )

Lecover Cab Covers ( They make them for our cabs )

Spectraflex Cables

THG Knobs

Studio Slips

UPS ~ pretty self explanitory