Regretfully, after 7 years of selling on the Reverb platform, we will no longer be affiliated with Since first launched in 2013 we have been in the forefront of supporting their website, and selling platform. We have always encouraged musicians, and those seeking to sell their gear to open a account instead of Ebay, or other platforms. Over the years we have helped answer questions, and even resolved issues that fellow sellers had when using We have always viewed the platform as a community of musicians that love gear as much as we do.

Unfortunately, the relationship, as well as the direction of changed after August 2019, when was acquired by Etsy for $275 million in cash. One of the most noticeable, and impactive changes that occurred was the staff at People that we had worked with for years disappeared, and was replaced with a staff that no longer treated a seller as part of their team.

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Leaving was not our choice, or decision. We would have liked to at least transition out respectfully in order to give our clients the communication they deserve, and not have open orders that have been left in the wind. Reverb took it upon themselves to suspend EarCandy’s Reverb account that was in effect from 2013 to June of 2020. Since this has happened, it has been brought to our attention that it is not just us, it is many seller accounts reverb is doing this to.

EarCandy’s Reverb account was always paid in full, had all 3 exemplary service badges, had over 4 thousand 5-star feedback’s, and was touted on the main page as one of’s premier builders.

We have received several emails from folks stating they are leaving Reverb, and closing their account because their interaction has been less than satisfactory, and downright rude.

Good Luck with all of the future endeavors.

Reverb & EarCandy Part Ways