Lots of folks messaging us for the speaker break in cd. We’re shut in and doing some much needed rig tweaks. So, we would like to help with that.
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The cart system will let you order the download & check out as a guest, no personal or financial information wanted or needed. From now until our beloved industry is gigging out again, we will do our very best to come up with useful, helpful content that is absolutely free of charge.
Lets work together to sound better than ever when we all hit the street again.

We have been seeing a lot of conglomerate gear companies littering social media with a bunch of bullshit to get some $ out of your pocket while you’re gigs are getting cancelled and $ is tight….

Others are claiming they are closing down for safety reasons, my ass! They are closing down because they have been touting “Made in the USA” but peddling you a bunch of Chinese garbage. Their factories have been closed and they don’t have inventory…. Stick with the True “American Made” companies and you wont have 10 metric tons of smoke blown up your ass.

Truly American Made Companies off the top of my head here….

US = EarCandyCabs

WGSUSA.Com ~ Warehouse Guitar Speakers

Flatt Guitar – Customized laser engraved pick guards

Mad Hatter – Professional guitar wiring harness’s

SaturnWorks Pedals (Very unique loopers and FX controllers, Made in the USA)

Will Sledge FX (Awesome looper’s and pedal board controllers)

Holey Board – Custom Pedal Boards

American Exotic Guitars

Amp Clamps

Frenzel Amps

Soldano Amps

Eminence Speakers

Tone Tubby Speakers

Best In Road Cases

DIY Road Cases ( They make them for our cabs )

Lecover Cab Covers ( They make them for our cabs )

Spectraflex Cables

THG Knobs

Studio Slips