A Note to Our Valued Clients
About EarCandy operations in conjunction with the Corona virus  
March 13, 2020

The health and safety of our valued clients, associates, their families and our community is our highest priority. With the recent news surrounding corona virus (COVID-19), we continue to monitor developments closely and adhere to public safety guidelines set forth by our local authorities and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For everyone’s peace of mind, we want to share with you the actions and extra precautions we’re taking to ensure your safety as we continue to serve you.

The cleanliness of our wood working, tolex, assembly and shipping facility is always a top priority for us, and now more than ever – so we have increased the frequency, strength and thoroughness of inspecting all of the products used to manufacture all EarCandy brand gear, especially on more frequently touched surfaces (e.g., tolex, cabinet panels, wiring harnesses etc.) All EarCandy brand products are made in Indiana USA and are constructed with all American made materials.

Supporting Our team members
We have shared specific instructions with our team members regarding the best ways to keep themselves and their families healthy as advised by the CDC and other health organizations. More importantly, some of our team members are responsible for caring for family members so we have instructed them to stay home if they feel that doing so is in the best interest of their family.

EarCandy will Continue building and serving our very important clients, you!
Rest assured our production will continue uninterrupted, our hours of production will remain at 10-12 hours per every 24 hours, however, the hours may vary to accommodate our team, pick up and delivery times and instruction from our local authorities. For example, yesterday (March 11-12, 2020) we were unable to pickup our weekly order of lumber until 2pm due to our mill sanitizing their facility, delivery and rental trucks. Due to that schedule change, we worked from 3pm until 3am.

Based on the measures we’ve taken (and will continue to take as circumstances change), we are confident that our production will remain on schedule except for schedule changes from day to day as mentioned above but only if necessary. When receiving your order from us weather it be from UPS or USPS, you can rest assured it is clean, safe, packed well with clean hands and made with all American made materials.


Vivian Arwood

Operations & EarCandy Client services manager