The Buzzbomb was created by guitar players for guitar players. We have found that many 12″ speakers available on the market today are being made with low quality components from over seas and many of them sound very similar if not the same. EarCandy is proud to announce an allegiance with a new company called Amperian Guitar speakers.

These Amperian guitar speakers are made in the USA and have superior components, build quality and tone. We are excited to be carrying two outstanding models and installing them in our BuzzBomb 2×12 and Sovereign 1×12 guitar amp speaker cabs. The Explorer and Revolution 6512″ guitar speakers are superior in every aspect and are an incredible match with our 1x and 3×12 guitar cabinets.

With our design of the floating baffle tone woods, porting and these speakers, we can absolutely guarantee these are what you have been looking for and will far exceed your tonality expectations. The combination of our cabs and the Amperian speakers have an uncanny amount of efficiency, clarity, depth definition and sustain to them, sounding large at even bedroom / practice volume levels. This alliance of these 2 superior products is the future of guitar tone. They combination of our cabs and Amperian speakers are very precise, touch sensitive, full, clear and modern all while delivering vintage capability tones, bringing out the nuances of your guitars tone woods, pickups, pick dynamics and world class tone that is easily dialed in. This new combination will out perform other cabs and speakers at every level.

This combination will provide you with more evenly delivered bass, mids and treble then you have ever had before. This cab and speaker combination can handle 7 string de-tuned and Baritone guitars with stunning clarity, articulation and warmth. With our design & tone woods, porting and these speakers, we can attain any tone you have been looking for and exceed your expectations.

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The BuzzBomb Revolution Explorer LXV 2×12