With the ever growing popularity and quality of WGS, we are proud to announce that as of Monday, August 12th 2019, EarCandy will be a full on OEM and provider of all of the Warehouse Guitar speakers models. From the ceramic G8C all the way up to the G15A and everything in between in the American vintage series.

We will also be carrying and installing every model  in their British series, all manufactured in Paducah Kentucky, USA. We are no longer carrying or offering Celestion speakers and several Eminence models will be removed from the menu to make room for the WGS models.

We are an OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) so all of our WGS pricing in our menu will be for installation in our cabs only. If you are looking for a WGS model to replace something or install in a combo amp, please go to the Warehouse Guitar speakers website as we will not be selling raw frame models.

EarCandy has had the opportunity to sample and jam some WGS models and we are floored with the results we are getting with our cabs and their speakers. The G8A and G8C in our Bailey 2×8 is amazing. The tone, the attribute of being designed, made AND assembled in the USA and not “designed” in the USA and made who knows where… combined with our designed, made and assembled in the USA cabs, combined with the convenience of all of their models being available in 4, 8 or 16 ohms just made it seem like a perfect fit and exactly what we and many of our clients need.

Look for more to come from WGS and EarCandy soon, models will be in the cart system menu as of Monday. We would like to thank our WGS rep, John Sanchez for taking the time to work with us and get this going!

EarCandy to stock & install Warehouse Guitar speakers