***A quick note about our cab build wait time***.

We are a thorough shop that insists on taking time to build something that will never need to be replaced. With up to 70 builds going at any given time, we start things in batches and then focus and concentrate on single builds to perfection. Our wait time is 90 days, at this time, our wait time is not negotiable due to our builder’s quality standards.  We build the highest quality cabs money can buy and we do not cut corners. We do not take build quality lightly and are honored when folks use our gear. Please message us with any questions or to see if what you are looking for would be in our ready to ship now stock.

In the next month or so our prices will be increased to reflect the premium quality, care and time it takes us to build our cabs. Many lesser quality, more costly products available on the market today are made in china or cookie cutter shops and cost far more than EarCandy cab’s prices. We feel the extended wait time and price increase will reflect a warranted change in our process here as we often get un-warranted negative reviews from folks who simply do not understand that our mission here is not to whip crap onto a UPS truck as quickly as possible.

Time is not a factor when taking the utmost care and paying unprecedented attention to the quality of the audio engineering we perform here on a daily basis. We do not prescribe to the Amazon “Gotta have it now” mentality. Our goal is to make Guitar and Bass speaker cabs that will be the last cabs you will need. Obviously we are not a retail “pull it off the shelf & go” product provider. We have done hundreds of hours of market research this year and know that by the time you get to us, you have already had gear that is unsatisfactory and you are now seeking the best sounding, highest quality gear money can buy.

You are in the right place.

Tim is more often than not, a 1 man shop when it comes to the wood work and assembly of the cabs after Jamie has covered them in Tolex. The negative reviews about wait time causes him tremendous stress and sometimes out right frustration and mild depression as this is his life’s work, passion, what he went to college for and what makes him eagerly get out of bed in the morning. Tim is wanting to concentrate on mid to completely professional level, touring musicians as well as those who appreciate professionally engineered and constructed, amazing sounding audio products steeped in superiority in all aspects. 

As always, please send any questions to us through our CONTACT US form and we will get back to you, usually with in 1 business day.

Thank you for reading this!



Price adjustments coming to match quality, build time updated