What? …..

Yes, David Kalt (founder of Reverb.com) announced that Reverb.com will merge with Etsy.com in the coming months.

This was in our inbox this morning.

Dear Earcandy,

I have some exciting news to share. Earlier today, we announced that we signed an agreement to be acquired by Etsy. We expect the acquisition to close in the coming months. When it does, Reverb will remain a standalone business, but will have the added support of Etsy—the global online marketplace for handmade and vintage items, with millions of buyers and sellers from nearly every country in the world.

With Etsy as our parent company, we’ll remain the marketplace built for the music community by a team of musicians and music lovers. Your ability to buy, sell, learn, and connect on Reverb will not change. At the same time, we’ll have added resources to continue growing and improving the Reverb community. You can read more on our blog.

Thank you for helping us get to this exciting point. Without you, Reverb is just a website. Because of you, Reverb is the best community online for musicians and music lovers from all over the world to connect over the perfect piece of gear. And together with Etsy, we’ll continue to make the world more musical together.

To Reverb’s next chapter,
David Kalt
CEO / Founder

End E-mail…

Needless to say, this was met with some optimism by the “gotta have it now” cry babies and less than the “average IQ” trolls that unfortunately litter the music business. Knowing if we all had to measure the Amazon complex-ed hacks talent, by their patience, you would know instantly~ they cant play their way out of a wet paper bag. The blog comment thread was shut down almost immediately and the Reverb.com facebook page was soaking wet with unfounded, undeserved and unwarranted negativity.

As one would expect from the same type of bottom feeders who will post a review boasting 10 years of experience after picking up the guitar for the first time in 2017… oh boy.. here we go again, Mr. Smith!

David kalt is not a stupid person by any means, I don’t think this is a get rich quick thing for him, he doesn’t need that. This is a power move combined with some needed logistics and positive synergy against Fee-Bay and Shamazon (though Prime, quite honestly has some tasty shows!)

We have spoke with Mr. Kalt some years ago, he is a nice, down to earth guy and Reverb is loaded with very competent, nice hard working and knowledgeable people. We will be surprised to see this end up in a negative way. Only time will tell but we have been with Reverb since its inception and though there has been some growing pains, they have been, are and in our opinion, will remain to be a great place to sell gear.

If you aren’t familiar with Etsy, it is centered around people who make things by hand, small to medium sized business’s and entrepreneurs who take pride in making something instead of just importing it and re-selling it. THIS could very well be a large reason Reverb has decided to go this route. There are a lot of medium to large, even “big box” music stores Zz…. that do not belong on reverb and in our opinion, their mere existence on Reverb is an abuse of the platform. Then you have the struggling mom and pop shops that abuse the idea of what Reverb started by posting a $30 pedal and asking $25 to ship the damn thing. 

We think this merger or acquisition so to speak, is going to thin the herd of BS, strengthen the back bone, back to the way Reverb was before the Feebay zombies showed up (circa 2016) and merge the light back onto the small to medium guy. Something needs to change, if you are a comic book collector, you are familiar with what happened about 2 decades ago, they printed SO MANY comic books, you could not give them away. The mass production and over printing dropped the bottom out of the market. Same thing is happening in the music gear manufacturing business.

NAMM is a dog and pony show, you have respectable companies like Eminence making cabinets in China now… ( WHAT…????) yup… and the new kids have no patience, they will take a POS delivered by a drone 3 hours after they pay for it opposed to something made by someone who knows what they are doing.

Good luck to Reverb and all the good folks over there making it happen. This little bit of news is interesting and waiting to watch and see what happens is pretty exciting. 

Reverb.com to be acquired by Etsy.com