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Music is the international language. This Camp will teach tolerance, creativity, patience, discipline, teamwork and friendship that will transcend age, race and gender. As we learn a few easy and key elements, we will develop musicianship that which will inspire us. Everyone in the camp will contribute their part to the creative process of making music. We will learn how to play the instruments that are used in almost every song ever made. This music camp provides an incredibly unique opportunity for those interested in live music and the tools and instrument’s it is made of. While learning the core values of music, we put an emphasis on Education, Accountability, Respect, Character, Acceptance, Nobility, Diligence & Discipline. Over the course of the 6 week camp, you will interact with, use, play and repair electric and acoustic musical instruments with personalized instruction from an industry professional in a safe and fun environment.


1st Music camp Student Roster: Cameron, Carley, Jack, Jacob, Louis, Santana, Zach

The next camp date has not been announced.

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The Music camp is directed by Tim Paulsen of EarCandy.Com. He attended Old Dominion University with under studies at Norfolk State University through the Governors Magnet School for the Arts. Studying Ear Training / Acoustic reproduction 4, Music Theory 4, and Composition 2 with a background in steel string Blues & Jazz Improvisation.

He attended the 1st 2 years of college the last 2 years of high school. He was an advanced student, assistant professor in composition & Ear Training classes, graduated with Honors and was awarded the most talented of his class of 1992. The purpose of this class is to show the roots of where music comes from, the simple yet always imperative hands on musicians, playing instruments that are plugged into amps and creating energy only real, live music can.

With 3 decades of industry experience, From Piano recitals at age 5 to writing, composing, recording, producing, mastering, marketing, touring & manufacturing, You are sure to learn a lot of interesting and fun things. Tim conducts the music camp, program sessions, handles all the gear preparation, created the syllabus and writes the curriculum and content for each camp session.

Contact The Boys & Girls Club Valparaiso with questions regarding enrollment @

Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County
354 W Jefferson Street
P.O. Box 254
Valparaiso IN 46384
(219) 464-7282 Phone
(219) 462-1081 Fax

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