After much thought and careful consideration, the EarCandy and EarCandycabs Face Book pages will be taken down.

We have found them useless, fraudulent and and a detriment to the over all social media experience. We have spent countless amounts of money to advertise, being promised so much exposure for certain amounts of capitol and it never works the way it is advertised. On top of that, when we halt the ads, Face Book continues to bill our account providing nothing in return. Face Book claims a certain amount of exposure for a certain amount of advertising capitol and they have never met up to their end of the agreement only to continue to bill our adsense account for absolutely nothing in return.

Face Book was created for students to keep in touch with each other and it has turned into an entirely different monster full of fake profiles, fraudulent add promises and a trove of immature trolls with nothing better to do other than engage in useless political fodder, fighting and elementary uneducated grade comments. We no longer see a use or purpose for this platform and choose to eliminate our company from this manipulative platform.