Inputs: Every single cab is point to point hand wired with silver solder and just like the rest of the hardware on our cabs, our wiring harness comes with a lifetime warranty. We use 14 gauge OFC (Oxygen free cable) that is individually insulated. There is 24 inches of cable on each speaker, making future speaker change or experimentation very easy.

EarCamdy HD 2x12 guitar speaker cab wiring harness EarCamdy HD 2x12 guitar speaker cab wiring harness

Mono: Mono is where you have a constant same signal to both speakers. Your cab will automatically come wired in mono unless options below are chosen. Mono can have a parallel output to run to another cab, keep in mind this changes your Ohm load.

Stereo: Stereo is where each speaker is individually operational. Great for phase and flange or ping pong delay etc. A stereo Head is highly recommended to get the full effect of this. This option adds $10 to the price of the cab.

Parallel Output: Parallel outs allow you to power another cab by daisy chaining from the output of your EarCandy Cab. Please remember that this will drop your ohm load in half depending on how your cabs are wired.

High End Input Jacks: These are the Input jacks we use as a standard. These have Chrome sleeves that are extremely durable. They are sealed and do not hiss or crackle and are switchable inputs and Must be used for the combo jack option. No charge to add these to the cab, mono or stereo. Please remember, just because we call these standard on this site, rest assured, they are extremely High quality.

Bass Cab Inputs: We install Speakon / 1/4″ combo inputs in all of our Bass and Jazz Guitar cabs. The Neutrik cable locks in the input jack and in the center of that jack, there is a 1/4″ input if you are not running Neutrik cable.

Wire tabbed speaker cable: This is a great option for people who order empty cabs and don’t have the means to solder. You simply slide the exposed wire into the end of the tab that matches your speaker tabs and crimp down with just about anything, pliers, crimps or needle nose. Adding this to your cab costs $10.00 and gets you 2 sets of each size for installation and, future installations.

Standard jack to speaker: This is the cable your cab will come wired with at no extra charge. 14 gauge 100% copper, high quality oxygen free cable. This is 10x better than what comes in your standard mass marketed cabs of today. This is Superior Grade 14 gauge OFC tri-insulated twisted for noise induction, cable. These highly insulated individualized wires are 100% pure copper and are individually twisted for noise and static prevention/induction.

Cabinet options – Inputs