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EarCandy Neutrik speakon speaker cableEarCandy speaker cable

American OB 1×12

BassBomb 2×12

EarCandy Purple set inside a Black cab under a Black full steel grill.

BuzzBomb 2×12

Sovereign 1×12

Bailey 2×8

Mr.Watts 1×8

Mini 2×6

Mini 1×6

This custom sized 1×12 is ready to ship

American Vintage Classic 1×12 This cab is a little wider and a little deeper giving your amp a good solid… Read More

EarCandy to stock & install Warehouse Guitar speakers

With the ever growing popularity and quality of WGS, we are proud to announce that as of Monday, August 12th… Read More

EarCandy Custom 2x12 BuzzBomb
July 2019 Custom of the week

This beautiful custom of the week is a BuzzBomb 2x12 with  flamed Maple front tinted in Patheo Blue. Read More

Price adjustments coming to match quality, build time updated

***A quick note about our cab build wait time***. We are a thorough shop that insists on taking time to… Read More

Balkun Brothers ~Sun Studio Sessions~ out now!!

Internationally touring rock n’ roll band, Balkun Brothers, is made up of older brother, Steve, on guitar, vocals and thumb-bone… Read More

EarCandy speaker cable
Check out our new speaker cables

All Tone Rush™ Speaker Cable's Are hand made in the USA Have a no hassle, Lifetime Warranty. Compliant with UL… Read More

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