1×12 Wiring Harness


The 1x wiring harness

  • This Harness will work with any 1x configuration.
  • This harness does not affect the ohm load, The speaker determines the ohm load.
  • Designed for use with any guitar  speaker cab.
  • This harness is 14 gauge OFC pure copper / silver strand Acoustic Research speaker cable.
  • We point to point hand wire and solder every harness with silver solder.
  • This harness comes with gold plated insulators,
  • + and – ( + is the red clip and – is the black clip )
  • This harness comes with a diagram, making re wiring your cab fast & easy.
  • This Harness comes ready to install with quick disconnects soldered to the speaker wire for you.
  • We use the very best Neutrik & Cliff brand input jacks.
  • Built with an extra foot of cable for an easier install.

All of the parts of this wiring harness are made in the USA and the same top quality materials we use in our Premium guitar and Bass speaker cabs. If you are not remotely familiar with soldering, this wiring harness with wire tabs already soldered is a better, safer choice.

You will receive the wiring diagram complete with a check list, assembled harness, Jack plate cup, Screws and input jack. Satisfaction Guaranteed! All Harness’s will ship the same day they are paid for, with tracking emailed to you.

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Additional Info

All Wiring Harness's are shipped USPS Priority Mail in a 2-Day flat rate box