2016 Holiday hours

Our Manufacturing and shipping facility is closed until 12/27/2016. We will be shipping from 2pm on the 27th through 2pm on the 30th. Our Staff is home with their families for the Christmas Holiday. We will be closed the 31st & January 1st and 2nd of 2017. We have hired some seriously skilled help in[…]


Happy Thanks Giving & the Merry Mini Christmas sale Through 12-31

Welcome to  “Happy Holidays & Merry Mini Christmas” sale  Instead of running the cliché “black Friday -Local Saturday yada yada yada sales, we decided to just put a sale on from now until December 31st, sparing you of the goofy sales pitches and time constraints. It is 10% off everything your purchase WITH free shipping.  Simply use ” elfJam”[…]


The passing of a true titan

Tim’s mother passed onto the other side today, October 5th 2016 at 10:22am. Nancy Paulsen was Tim’s best friend, they were extremely close and had an unbelievable bond. Nancy was EarCandy’s biggest supporter, Morally, emotionally, financially, you name it , she has been here for the entire journey of this company since its inception. Nancy[…]


EarCandy Camp

About EarCandy Camp Music is the international language. This Camp will teach tolerance, creativity, patience, discipline, teamwork and friendship that will transcend age, race and gender. As we learn a few easy and key elements, we will develop musicianship that which will inspire us. Everyone in the camp will contribute their part to the creative[…]


A New Forum

We have established a new forum that does not contain libelous slander towards custom and boutique builders. It does not and will not contain people who keep their fingers on their PC keyboard instead of their Guitar or Bass Fret Board. We have noticed that many of these forums contain shill posts and members with[…]