EarCandy Cabs

Status of Orders

As many of you may know, Tim has been in the hospital quite often, off and on since early January. He was working, passed out and was taken by ambulance to St. Anthony’s medical center. He is 43 years old and had no idea he was fully diabetic. His A1C (A blood sugar measurement) was[…]


Cabs ready to ship NOW

We have a Mini 2×6 in all black with a Diablo front, 8 Ohms, 50 Watts – Ready to ship immediately! Click H E R E to order this one. We have an all Black Mini 1×6 with AAA figured Maple front and back, 8 Ohms, 50 Watts – Ready to ship immediately! Click HERE[…]


A New Forum

We have established a new forum that does not contain libelous slander towards custom and boutique builders. It does not and will not contain people who keep their fingers on their PC keyboard instead of their Guitar or Bass Fret Board. We have noticed that many of these forums contain shill posts and members with[…]


10 Days

For the past several years, we have had a horrendous wait time on custom cab orders. This summer, we closed our cart system down and ceased to take new orders for anything. We are very happy to say that all of our pending orders passed and present are done and have either shipped or are[…]