The EarCandy Power Pig

The Power Pig

“The Power Pig” This is an amp attenuation device that takes no AC adapter, no batteries, no confusing switches buttons or dials. The EarCandy Power Pig 8 Ohm amp attenuator is very easy to use, Simply plug your amps speaker out into the amp in on the Power Pig and then plug your cabs speaker[…]

EarCandy Guitar speakers

About EarCandy

  EarCandy is a family company that has revolutionized Guitar & Bass audio speaker cabinets and wiring. Established in 2002, we evolved American made speaker cabinets from unnecessarily oversized, overpriced and overweight typical designs that your granddad used, to light, affordable and road worthy world class tone machines. All materials are obtained from American manufacturers,[…]

Status of Orders

As many of you may know, Tim has been in the hospital quite often, off and on since early January. He was working, passed out and was taken by ambulance to St. Anthony’s medical center. He is 43 years old and had no idea he was fully diabetic. His A1C (A blood sugar measurement) was[…]