Gibson Style Guitar Knobs

Guitar & Bass Volume & Tone Knob sets

Fits any volume or tone knob with a split shaft

High quality replacement Volume knob for guitar or bass

  • Each set includes 2 volume and 2 tone knobs
  • Universal fit
  • Fits Alpha (18 Knurl Coarse)
  • CTS (24 Knurl Fine) split shaft potentiometers
  • Free Shipping
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Fits Many Gibson & Epiphone model Guitars & Bass’s

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Sovereign 1×12 W/ 16 Ohm Swamp Thang – 150 watts

This cab is complete and ready to ship today.

The EarCandy Sovereign 1×12 G

The Sovereign 1×12 cab follows the same principal all of our other cabs use. Utilizing in house technology and not copying anything previously made. This cabinet lends your rig more tonal leeway than any other 1×12 available.

•Made with all American made materials
•All 3/4″ AAA Tone Wood Cabinet
•Pat pending Twin ported baffle
•No MDF or particle board anywhere
•All steel hardware
•Steel input jack plate with 1/4″ Neutrik input
•Point to Point hand wired with silver solder
•Wired with 14-G OFC Acoustic research speaker wire
•Steel reinforced Rubber feet
•40 pounds, (depending on speaker)
•18” wide x 15” tall x 16” deep
•Hand made in Indiana U.S.A
•Lifetime warranty on the cabinet
•7 year warranty on the Eminence Swamp Thang

Our cabs back is closed and sealed, then the front is ported. The sovereign cab has lots of sustain and projection. Made with all the finest materials like all of our cabs, it presents a nice warm woody tone that is natural and warm in its delivery. Finally a 1×12 cab you can attain a tone From that you can feel, with out feeling it in your back when moving it around. We have a lot of professional touring artist that are loving these cabs for their compact size, excellent tone and projection.

Weather your needing 2 120 watt 112′s to model in stereo or a great compact 112 for your new 50 watt love affair, this is the last cab you will ever need. This cab will out perform ordinary 2×12 cabs at every level. The Sovereign is a Instrument unto itself. This is a very balanced cabinet with full round and warm tones.

It will be like receiving a new amp, guitar and cab because the efficiency and dynamics change greatly with our cab in place. This cab can handle 7 string de-tuned death metal all the way to 13 gauge hollow body Jazz tones. The Sovereign can handle very deep low abusive tones or very loud high cut through tones. No woofing, no whomping, From Jazz to death metal, this cab has no problem delivering just strait, clean tone with projection and sustain, It delivers a nice woody tone, natural compression and thickness.

This cab delivers a full, even and warm tonal spectrum that is smooth with bite and clean with articulation. This is the Future of guitar cabinetry. Your sound man will love it, it will greatly increase Your stage volume and control your feedback into a glassy sustain-full lead tone.

EarCandy is a family company that has revolutionized Guitar & Bass audio speaker cabinets and wiring. Established in 2002, we evolved American made speaker cabinets from unnecessarily oversized, overpriced and overweight typical designs that your granddad used, to light, affordable and road worthy world class tone machines.

All materials are obtained from American manufacturers, with our gear designed and carefully handcrafted in Indiana. Our gear is scientifically hand made with the highest quality components money can buy. Including tone woods, speakers made in the USA, and a choice of options to personalize your tone, personality and presentation. Every piece of your gear is created with road worthy experienced artistic application & functional perfection.

The EarCandy American Vintage Guitar Cab 1×12 With speaker – $299 Shipped

The EarCandy American Vintage 1×12

Choose between a Cannabis Rex, Texas Heat or the George Alessandro signature series at no extra cost.

This cab is a little wider and a little deeper giving your amp a good solid foundation with a low center of gravity. This cab was made with AAA tone woods and has all steel hardware and 3/4″ tall rubber feet, tall enough to run a Microphone cable under the cab. This cab is not ported, has a open back and sounds very robust. Made with the same top quality tone woods and adorned with the same top quality American made hardware that our premier high end ported cabs are made of.

This cab will come with the speaker you choose already installed.

The video’s of Chris Condon playing through our cab is this same model cab loaded with the various Eminence speakers.

All materials made in the U.S.A
All ¾” white Birch Wood Cabinet
No MDF or particle board anywhere
All steel hardware
Steel reinforced strap handle
Steel input jack plate with Neutrik input & Parallel out
Point to Point hand wired with silver solder
Wired with 14-G Acoustic Research speaker wire
Set up for any guitar speaker
Steel reinforced Rubber feet
16 pounds unloaded
Top Half open back
16.5” wide x 16” tall x 12” deep
Hand made in Indiana U.S.

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Mini 2×6 Guitar cab – Ready to ship now

The EarCandy 2×6 Mini Guitar amp speaker cab

  • This cab is ready to ship Today!
  • All materials made in the U.S.A
  • All AAA White Birch Wood Cabinet
  • Pat pending Twin ported baffle
  • All Viper Red Taurus tolex cab
  • Transparent Ebony tinted Maple front
  • No MDF or particle board anywhere
  • All Black steel hardware
  • Steel top strap handle
  • Steel input jack plate with 1/4 Neutrik input
  • Point to Point hand wired with silver solder
  • Wired with 14 gauge OFC professional grade speaker wire
  • Steel reinforced Rubber feet
  • 15pounds, 15.5 wide x 10 tall x 8 deep
  • This cab is 100 watts at 8 ohms
  • Hand made in Indiana U.S.A
  • Shipping to the lower 48 states only
  • Large sounding 6 speakers ( see below for speaker specs)

Power Handling (RMS) 100Watts Power Handling – 120Watts Max
Impedance 4,8 or 16ohms Frequency Response 50 to 5,000Hz
Sensitivity 90dB 1W/1m Voice Coil Diameter 1.50

The2x6 is a large sounding cab with a wide sound dispersion.It is perfect for those 5 to 50 watt tube amps because the cab is fast reacting with a lot of

This cab lets your amps tone shine through and does not color your tone.

The2x6 has plenty of Bass, Mids and Highs and is very perceptive to changes in
your amps tone stack or Eq. Don’t let the size fool you.We have people
using our Bailey 2/8 in all levels and all genres of music,everyone
from kids practicing in their basement to professional players doing
arena tours.

Some of these folks have asked us for a even smaller
2x cab so we designed this to deliver the same kind of tone our 2/12
BuzzBomb delivers but at lower volume levels. This gives us the ability
to create a large tone at lower volume levels where you can push your
amp and get lots of volume and tube tone.

EarCandys Twin ported baffle allows the speaker to breath with the air coming in and out of the cab. Because of the way the porting works, the speakers are
floating, they don’t have to fight gravity or air pressure.

They get exactly what they need which allows for more warmth. sustain, tone,
clarity, volume and sound dispersion.Our cabs are not beamy. Because of
our porting design, the entire area in front of the cab is the sweet

The cabs are warm but do cut through, you can use it with a
drummer and bass player and be heard with no issues.You will notice a
180 degree sound dispersion so when you walk around the room the cab
will sound the same.

You do not have to be directly in front of the cab to audibly benefit from the tone of the cab.

Read about how these are made:

EarCandys woods:

All of our woods are AAA with no voids, We have our lumber custom
Milled to our Specifications so these descriptions apply to our cabs and
tone descriptions only. Our woods are Engineered by us and Milled with
a glue used by wooden Instrument makers. We do not use industrial
laminated ply wood.You would not want your guitar made out of MDF, why
would you want your cabs made out of MDF.

Tonejointing ©

We have spent a very long time and a lot of money to engineer a new
jointing process never seen before in the instrument enclosure
industry. Finger and Dado jointing allow for cabinet flex or what has
been known as box talk Box talk happens when sound pressure levels
inside the cabinet apply enough pressure to push or put stress on the
cab jointing. This allows the cabinet to flex in unison with the
speaker polarity, thus creating muddy undefined and slow attacking bass
and a over all sloppy tone.

Open back cabs create a bigger problem in the fact that they allow compression to un-evenly escape the cab from the back, opposite of where you need it and in a uneven resisted pattern. Even at low volume levels, this flex and resistance can greatly increase the amount of work your speaker has to do to sound Our cabs are built in a way that uses the compression and spl from the speakers in a positive way that actually forces the cab jointing
together and not apart, so the louder you want to play, the tighter and
more defined the cab will sound, offering no resistance or flex
allowing for the most pure UN interrupted tone from a cab you have ever

Our cabs are heavily braced on all 4 sides attached at 32
points no further than 5 inches from each other all the way around the
cab (imagine a drum rim with drum lugs) The attachment points are then
tightened until all of them reach the exact same tinsel strength,
meaning you can strike the cab on any side or any corner and it will
ring true, in the same tone all other sides ring in, very much like
tuning a drum.

What this means is, there is NO loose or UN
attended to portions of the cab that will resonate more or less than
another part (thus no dead spots in the cab, thus no box talk).The
EarCandy Process Creates 110% pure, true and completely even delivery
of any tone, combine that with our select woods and your options of
tone are unlimited. This also makes the cab basically one piece and
almost indestructible. This is all done from inside the cab allowing
the sound to travel away from the hardware and not into the hardware,
allowing free and clear travel of sound.

When taking years to develop such a instrument for your instrument, why stop at that? So we use THE BEST materials we can find insuring you this will be the last cab you will need for a long time. This is intellectual property of
EarCandy and is registered with a pat pending. All right reserved
EarCandy.Com 2017.

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The Ear Candy Mini 2×6 Order yours today –  Click HERE. Hand Made in the U.S.A All AAA White Birch Wood Cabinet All 1/2 Maple front and back Pat pending Twin ported baffle No MDF or particle board anywhere All steel hardware Top strap handle (optional) Genuine Marshall Salt & Pepper Grill Steel input jack[…]

Universal Pickup selector switch tip sets

Universal fit Guitar or Bass pickup selector switch tip sets  – fits any pick up selector switch (Not Gibson)

High quality replacement pickup selector switch tip set for guitar or bass

  • Universal fit
  • Direct replacement Strat style switch tip for 3-way and 5-way selector lever switches. Universal fit.
  • These switch tips are specially designed to fit both Metric and Inch sized switches.
  • These switch tips are nicely rounded on the top much like the Fender ones.
  • We have volume, Tone knobs & pickup selector switch tips in several colors in stock.
  • We will combine shipping!
  • **Volume & Tone knob set not included, picture is for reference of inventory only**
  • We have Slime Green, Black, Blue, Red, Cream and Violet volume and tone knobs available.
  • We have Black, Clear, Cream, White, Parchment & Mint Green pickup selector switch tips in stock.
  • Please check HERE for our knob sets.
  • Free Shipping
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

These ship the same business day with USPS 1st class mail.

Guitar or Bass Volume & Tone Knob sets

Guitar or Bass Volume & Tone Knob sets Fits any volume or tone knob with a split shaft High quality replacement Volume knob for guitar or bass Universal fit Fits Alpha (18 Knurl Coarse) CTS (24 Knurl Fine) split shaft potentiometers We have volume, Tone knobs & pickup selector switch tips in several colors in[…]