Tim is no longer answering status email’s. It takes too much out of his build time which back logs orders. It is our goal to build and ship your order as quickly as possible. For order status please email Jamie@earcandy.com, and for any technical related questions please email Tim@earcandy.com.

Changes to options on cabs must be submitted to Jamie@earcandy.com with in 48 hours or less of placing an order. Specification changes made after the 48 hour period could greatly set back your wait time, and will incur a charge of $25.00. If you placed an order thru Reverb or Ebay you CANNOT make changes to your order. Changes to orders placed pertains to website orders ONLY.

No matter how large or small your order is, it is entered into our database. Please do not worry, due to our privacy policy, the order information does not contain any financial information. This is strictly to communicate with you when your order is shipped. So please rest assured your order is in our system, and status emails are a waste of your time. This news post is not intended to sever communication ties with our valued clients, it is simply intended to speed up the process for everyone. Tim is always HERE for technical questions and advice about EarCandy gear.

Thank you

Contrary to rumors, this is not our system



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