An EarCandy American Classic 1×12 – Ready to ship today

This Cab is done and ready to ship today!
Un-Loaded with no speaker $199.00
Loaded W/ Celestion Vintage 30 $289.00
Loaded W/ Eminence CV65 $275.00
Loaded W/ Eminence Swamp Thang $279.00
Loaded W/ Eminence Alessandro $279.00
Loaded W/ Eminence Texas Heat $279.00
Loaded W/ Eminence Lil Texas Neo $289.00
Loaded W/ Eminence Cannabis Rex Hemp Cone $279.00
Loaded W/ Tone Tubby Nashville Alnico Hemp Cone $525.00
All speakers = 8 Ohms, are in stock and come with a Warranty

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About the cab –

The EarCandy American Vintage 1×12

This cab is ready to ship today!

This cab is a little wider and a little deeper giving your amp a good solid foundation with a low center of gravity. This cab was made with AAA tone woods and has all steel hardware and 3/4″ tall rubber feet, tall enough to run a Microphone cable under the cab. This cab is not ported, has a open back and sounds very robust. Made with the same top quality tone woods and adorned with the same top quality American made hardware that our premier high end ported cabs are made of.

If you choose one of the speakers bundled with this posting, it will be installed in your cab for free.

The video of Chris Condon playing through our cab is this same model cab loaded with the various Eminence speakers.

All materials made in the U.S.A
All ¾” white Birch Wood Cabinet
No MDF or particle board anywhere
All steel hardware
Steel reinforced strap handle
Steel input jack plate with Neutrik input & Parallel out
Point to Point hand wired with silver solder
Wired with 14-G Acoustic Research speaker wire
Set up for any guitar speaker
Steel reinforced Rubber feet
16 pounds unloaded
Top Half open back
16.5” wide x 16” tall x 12” deep
Hand made in Indiana U.S.A

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