Abbee Vantine

Abbee has worked very hard for EarCandy© for over 2 years now. She works in our tolex , shipping departments and knows the wheels of the industry quite well. Abbee is a very loyal, dedicated and educated individual. She is finishing up her degree for teaching elementary children, She is an artist,  she speaks several languages including sign language in English and Japanese. Abbee gets along well with everyone and we are excited and very certain she is perfect for the A.R.&M. position with in the EarCandy© organization.

If you are an artist or an act interested in placed gear endorsement and promotion on and in our social platforms as well as EarCandyRadio© Please contact her at ARM [@] EarCandy.Com or through our Contact Us form for more information.

Terms and conditions information coming soon.

Thank you


Abbee Vantine EarCandy AR&M