“The Power Pig”
This is an amp attenuation device that takes no AC adapter, no batteries, no confusing switches buttons or dials.

The EarCandy Power Pig 8 Ohm amp attenuator is very easy to use, Simply plug your amps speaker out into the amp in on the Power Pig and then plug your cabs speaker cable into the cab in on the Power Pig and Viola, 50% amp attenuation. Complete with rubber non skid pads on the bottom. This will harmlessly cut the volume of your amp in half with our sacrificing tone, Over Drive, FX or distortion.

  • It has Ceramic thermal capacity to ensure cool running and long life
  • It has Tight impedance tolerances
  • the Ultra easy operation and durable design make the Power Pig an ideal choice for players who want that searing distortion at half the volume without constantly having to hear “TURN IT DOWN!”
  • The Power Pig Is designed with the low to mid wattage boutique amps in mind. Detailed attention to high and Low frequencies, at Bedroom and apartment studios, Is the key function of The Power Pig. Many hours of testing with my Fender’s and Egnater’s Even at the lowest volume settings all of the high mid and low frequency’s deliver stunning results because you control those parameters with your amps tone stack – as it should be.

    There are no switches to flip or buttons to push, no power cable or battery pack. Just plug the output from your amplifier into the Amp in and your speaker into the speaker out and your amp is attenuated at 50% its normal volume (the out put is cut in half. Creating A true bedroom volume practice amp from any loud or gain amp.

    The EarCandy Power Pig

    The EarCandy Power Pig The EarCandy Power Pig The EarCandy Power Pig The EarCandy Power Pig

    (The Power Pig is Pat. Pending)

    Thank you to Reverb and Thank YOU for checking us out.