From Kirk K-lloyd Fisher

Help Kirk Finish his 3rd album, Check it out HERE!

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Kirk is doing this fundraiser to raise money for more studio time to finish his 3rd Album and give his fans a way to have first access to the new album and also have a more interactive experience.

From Kirk himself!

The money that I’m raising is to pay for studio time to finish my 3rd album that will be released worldwide by the Raleigh N.C. based True Grit Indie label Rusty Knuckles as well as provide the capital to take care of paying a few select musicians to also record with me playing various other instruments.I have tracked a good bit of the songs in my very basic studio at home but there are still 4-5 songs to record that are planned to have a full band as well as a lot of the songs have various instruments like Dobro, Lap Steel,Banjo,Theramin,Moog and Drone Box/Synths.I have spent the last year learning to use a couple of home recording programs but i have not been able to really get the sound quality to a point that its good enough to represent the music.I have invested in various pieces of equipment that do allow me to actually track some of the songs here at home that will be easily uploaded to the studio rig. I have chosen an affordable yet very high quality studio here in Charlotte NC called Catalyst Sound.Rob Taglione has worked with my band buzzov*en and has many years of experience yet he offers an affordable rate and quick workflow. Click on this link to Check out his website for the studio. Your donations and support are primarily going to pay for the studio fees.

Earl Jr. is a slide guitar player who i met in NOLA that I’m bringing up from his home in Louisiana to play a large amount of the accompanying instruments on this record.Earl Jr. played Slide guitar, Bass Guitar and Dobro on Bootleg Volume One.His travel expenses are where a good amount of this money is going as well. When Earl Jr. played the first few notes over my simply written acoustic songs i was amazed by his sound and how much more it took my music to where i hear it in my head.I could probably get someone else to fulfill the lead/slide guitar position and i do have my label mate Brian Husky Burnette playing on a track or two but Earl a part of how this whole thing has developed and i think his talent is a key factor in what brings these songs to the place where they are much better sounding.Earl Jr.also has plenty of free time to tour as well.

Writing songs , recording them , performing and all the creative aspects that come with doing especially my solo music is a huge factor in giving me a sense of purpose and something to stay busy and out of my head. It contributes greatly to my life continuing to move forward in a positive direction and  a more healthy lifestyle.

Go check out the video above called The Kirk Lloyd Story and you can get a peek into my past and get a peek at where I’m going. Anyway i will be very grateful for your support and if you are interested in it but can’t afford to Pledge any $$ you could pledge that you would share the link to this to your friends.That would be a huge help and for that i would be grateful.I do hope this explains my needs for this to complete this project and see where your financial support is going. Thanks for checking this out. Also this is a photo of Earl Jr. and myself during the Bootleg Volume One : NOLA recording sessions.

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