As many of you may know, Tim has been in the hospital quite often, off and on since early January. He was working, passed out and was taken by ambulance to St. Anthony’s medical center. He is 43 years old and had no idea he was fully diabetic. His A1C (A blood sugar measurement) was 13.9. You want your A1C to be around 5 to 5.5.

Due to the incredibly high A1c, he went into acute pancreatitis and diabetic ketoacidosis. Each complication, individually can be fatal so we are grateful he is still with us and gaining his health back quicker than the Doctors anticipated. He is on short, light duty work days (12pm – 4pm CST) until the 17th of March. He is back in the shop with us, his loyal staff and we are getting cabs finished and shipped out. As of the 17th, the doctors anticipate allowing him to go back to his usual 12 hour days, as long as he keeps up with his 5 times a day Insulin injections & minus the 6 packs of Coke-Cola he drank daily.

We have read rumors that he is a drug addict and or alcoholic but he is quite the contrary. Due to his arthritis he is drug tested every 30-60 days and never fails. The Blood work markers indicated that he had been walking around, living and working, fully diabetic for over 2 years, thus the occasional sickness and days here and there where he could not fully function properly which he equated to ” I thought I was just getting old”

We are here, we have his back and his primary concern is getting everyone’s gear shipped and continuing to get well. We would like to thank everyone for their support on his page and all the well wishes, kind words and of course, your patience.

Thank you for reading this, be well, take care of yourself and anticipate receiving your gear very soon.

With the warmest regards.

The EarCandy staff


This is just some of the crap he was sent home with from St. Anthony’s


He CONSTANTLY says “please don’t pity me, lets just get to work!”

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