tone-tubby-and-earcandyEarCandy is now carrying Tone Tubby Hemp cone Guitar Speakers.

The Original Hemp cone Speakers

Tone Tubby Speaker

Tone Tubby speakers are the new sustainable standard for natural sound tonality and cone dependability. A luxury sound based on hard working technology. Tone Tubby delivers a consistently sweeter sound that many professional musicians rely on to optimize their recording sessions and live performances. From large amphitheater stage settings to intimate nightclub gatherings, you may have already experienced the Tone Tubby sound!

Made from natural and organic hemp fibers, Tone Tubby offers a rich and smooth sound unheard of from paper cone speakers. The cones are more durable with a heat and tear resistance unlike paper speakers. Cones made from hemp not only sound good, they are good for the environment. Using a renewable resource means fewer trees used for paper, more jobs and a more sustainable future.

Tone Tubby speakers have a very impressive artist roster,

Eric Clapton * Trey Anastasio * Bernie Chiaravalle * Lucas Film * Mesa Boogie * Neil Young * Huey Lewis and The News * Robert Cray * Grateful Dead * Hank Williams Jr. * Carlos Santana * Elvin Bishop * Sammy Hagar * Metallica * Pearl Jam * Bananas * Zero* Different Fur Recording (S.F.) * Hyde Street Studio (S.F.) * Cola * Prairie Sun Recording * Jefferson Starship * Keith Richards * The Rolling Stones * Foreigner * Marty Balin Band * Journey * R E M* Fabulous Thunderbirds * Boz Scaggs * The Beach Boys * KSAN FM * Ronnie Montrose * Steve Morse * The Fillmore * Saul Zaentz Films * Fantasy Studios * Norton Buffalo * Guitar Center * K V H W * Vinyl* Narada Michael Walden * Tarpan Studios *S.F.Exploritorium * The Tubes* Leo’s Music * Last Day Saloon * Blumfield Theaters * Tom Waites* Landmark Theaters * Pacific Theaters * Music Spectrum * Bobby Vega* Phoenix Theater * Laughing Tiger Studios * San Francisco Ballet * Speaker Center * Steve Kimock * Hornblower Yachts * New Georges * Dolby Laboratories * Skywalker Ranch * Steve Miller * Budda Amplification* I L M /Industrial Light and Magic * Stroke 9 * Mark Isham * Van Morrison * Sly and the Family Stone * David Grisman * Enterprise Studios / Burbank * Paramount Pictures * Quicksilver Messenger Service * Eddie Money * Tony Saunders * Chris Isaac * Mickey Hart * Buck Owens Productions * Van Halen * Timmy * Robin Trower * Matt Beal * Adam Lee (UK) * Alex Anthony * Andy Lei *

You can be Next!

Click on the Speaker below to see the Tone Tubby’s we are currently carrying. We will be adding to this list as time permits. If there is a Tone Tubby Model that we don’t currently carry, please message us with the model you are looking for and we can get and install it for you.