Today we have an all orange Sovereign 1×12 ready to ship, you have a choice between the steel circle grill (pictured) or a Ox-Blood with wheat stripe full cloth grill, same Price. These cabs usually start at $349.99, we are selling this one for $299.00 plus shipping and the additional cost if you want one of the speakers. It will ship today with a UPS tracking number E-mailed to you and will track live around 7pm CST. If you are interested, please E-mail Jamie@earcandy.com, earcandycabs@hotmail.com or simply message us right here through Facebook. If you are not interested, PLEASE SHARE!
Thank you!

The EarCandy Sovereign 1×12 G

The Sovereign 1×12 cab follows the same principal all of our other cabs use. Utilizing in house technology and not copying anything previously made. This cabinet lends your rig more tonal leeway than any other 1×12 available.

•Made with all American made materials
•All 3/4″ AAA Tone Wood Cabinet
•Pat pending Twin ported baffle
•No MDF or particle board anywhere
•All steel hardware
•Steel input jack plate with 1/4″ Neutrik input & Output
•Point to Point hand wired with silver solder
•Wired with 14-G OFC Acoustic research speaker wire
•Steel reinforced Rubber feet
•40 pounds, (depending on speaker)
•18” wide x 15” tall x 16” deep
•Hand made in Indiana U.S.A
•Lifetime warranty on the cabinet
If you need a speaker, we have several very choice speakers to choose from, They are all 8 Ohms. Eminence Cannabis Rex – $69.99, Celestion G12 EVH -$129.99 (The G12 EVH is just a Heritage Greenback with a different sticker on it) Eminence Legend V12 – $59.99 (Very Much like a Vintage 30) The Eminence Alessandro signature 12 – $79.00. Adding a speaker will increase the cost, Installation is Free.

Our cabs back is closed and sealed, then the front is ported. The sovereign cab has lots of sustain and projection. Made with all the finest materials like all of our cabs, it presents a nice warm woody tone that is natural and warm in its delivery. Finally a 1×12 cab you can attain a tone From that you can feel, with out feeling it in your back when moving it around. We have a lot of professional touring artist that are loving these cabs for their compact size, excellent tone and projection.

Weather your needing 2 120 watt 112′s to model in stereo or a great compact 112 for your new 50 watt love affair, this is the last cab you will ever need. This cab will out perform ordinary 2×12 cabs at every level. The Sovereign is a Instrument unto itself. This is a very balanced cabinet with full round and warm tones.

It will be like receiving a new amp, guitar and cab because the efficiency and dynamics change greatly with our cab in place. This cab can handle 7 string de-tuned death metal all the way to 13 gauge hollow body Jazz tones. The Sovereign can handle very deep low abusive tones or very loud high cut through tones. No woofing, no whomping, From Jazz to death metal, this cab has no problem delivering just strait, clean tone with projection and sustain, It delivers a nice woody tone, natural compression and thickness.

This cab delivers a full, even and warm tonal spectrum that is smooth with bite and clean with articulation. This is the Future of guitar cabinetry. Your sound man will love it, it will greatly increase Your stage volume and control your feedback into a glassy sustain-full lead tone.

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