EarCandy is a family company that has revolutionized Guitar & Bass audio speaker cabinets and wiring. Established in 2002, we evolved American made speaker cabinets from unnecessarily oversized, overpriced and overweight typical designs that your granddad used, to light, affordable and road worthy world class tone machines. All materials are obtained from American manufacturers, with[…]

Custom of the Week 04.28.15

EarCandy ACV 1×12 ES Made in the USA with all American made materials Height – 16.5″ Width – 24.5″ Depth – 10″ Weight – 25 lbs Covered in Country Western Tolex Mirror Chrome Hardware Top strap handle Steel input jack plate with 1/4″ Neutrik input Point to Point hand wired with silver solder Wired with 14 gauge Acoustic research speaker[…]