Casters: We offer 2 types of casters with 3 types of transport.

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  1. Removable casters: These are 2″ swivel casters that pop in and out of all steel sockets installed in the bottom of the cab.
  2. Cabby™ Casters: Cabby Casters are a pair of recessed casters permanently installed in the lower left hand corner of the cab. The Cabby Casters make it easy to roll the cab around with the handle on the opposite end.
  3. The full Cabby Cab™ system: The Cabby cab is the Cadillac of guitar and bass speaker cab mobilization. This upgrade uses the Cabby Casters mentioned above as well as A all Steel pull out handle located on the opposite side of the cabby casters. This handle recesses into the cab and pulls out a full 15″ from the end of the cab, making your cab like a hand cart. The cabby handle has a weight rating of 180 pounds and has a lifetime warranty. We guarantee this handle does not rattle, buzz or vibrate, even when playing the loudest and heaviest guitar and bass tone you can throw at it.