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Wiring Harness’s

American OB 1×12

Asaph 1×15

BassBomb 2×12

BuzzBomb 2×12

Sovereign 1×12

Bailey 2×8

Mr.Watts 1×8

Mini 2×6

Mini 1×6

Check out this great deal on a Fender Super Champ X2 HD

Click here Check out this great deal on a Fender Super Champ X2 HD   Read More

EarCandy Snake & Birds Eye 1×6 15W 8Ω AlNico guitar speaker cab W/ Hotone Purple Wind Amp & cable

The Ear Candy Mini 1×6 CLICK HERE TO ORDER There is only one of these This rig is done and… Read More

Custom Mr. Watts 1×8 Ready to ship!

Mr. Watts 1x8 Guitar & Bass amp speaker cab W Beta 250 Watt 8 Ohm Neutrik 1/4 combo | Ready… Read More

EarCandyCabs 1x12 guitar speaker cab
Back By Demand~The Shirley 1×12 UL

After receiving many E-mails about the Shirley 1x12 Ultra Light, we have added it back into the menu and she… Read More

2×Stereo Mono Combo Wiring Harness 8L 8R 16 & 4 Ohm Mono “Super Jack” is ready!

Click on the picture to order. This harness will wire 2 8 ohm speakers to 8 Ohms Left 8 Ohms… Read More

2x6 Guitar cab EarCandy.com Mini 2x6
Custom of the week 05/01/2018

New for 2018 The Ear Candy Luxmin Mini 2x6 in Diablo and Coco Bolo This cab is for sale Click… Read More