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Wiring Harness’s

American OB 1×12

Asaph 1×15

BassBomb 2×12

BuzzBomb 2×12

Sovereign 1×12

Bailey 2×8

Mr.Watts 1×8

Mini 2×6

Mini 1×6

EarCandy Snake & Birds Eye 1×6 15W 8Ω AlNico guitar speaker cab W/ Hotone Purple Wind Amp & cable

The Ear Candy Mini 1×6 CLICK HERE TO ORDER There is only one of these This rig is done and… Read More

Custom Mr. Watts 1×8 Ready to ship!

Mr. Watts 1x8 Guitar & Bass amp speaker cab W Beta 250 Watt 8 Ohm Neutrik 1/4 combo | Ready… Read More

EarCandyCabs 1x12 guitar speaker cab
Back By Demand~The Shirley 1×12 UL

After receiving many E-mails about the Shirley 1x12 Ultra Light, we have added it back into the menu and she… Read More

2×Stereo Mono Combo Wiring Harness 8L 8R 16 & 4 Ohm Mono “Super Jack” is ready!

Click on the picture to order. This harness will wire 2 8 ohm speakers to 8 Ohms Left 8 Ohms… Read More

2x6 Guitar cab EarCandy.com Mini 2x6
Custom of the week 05/01/2018

New for 2018 The Ear Candy Luxmin Mini 2x6 in Diablo and Coco Bolo This cab is for sale Click… Read More

EarCandy Guitar World Magazine
EarCandy In Guitar World Magazine

Bill Voight of Guitar World Magazine recently did a review on our Sovereign 1x12 guitar cab. You can red it… Read More